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Samsung (Galaxy A35 5G) S356V

Samsung (Galaxy S24 Ultra) S928U1

Samsung (Galaxy S24+) S926U1

Samsung (Galaxy S24) S921U1

Samsung (Galaxy A25 5G) S256VL

Samsung (Galaxy A15 5G) S156V

Samsung (Galaxy S23 FE) S711U1

Samsung (Samsung Galaxy A23 5G - 2023) S237VL

Samsung (Galaxy Z Flip5) F731U1

Samsung (Galaxy A03s 2023) S135DL

Samsung (Galaxy A54 5G 2023) S546VL

Samsung (Galaxy A14 5G 2023) S146VL

Samsung (Galaxy S23 Ultra) S918U1

Samsung (Galaxy S23+) S916U1

Samsung (Galaxy S23) S911U1

Samsung (Galaxy S21 FE 5G) G990U1/G990U3

Samsung (Galaxy Z Fold4 5G) F936U1

Samsung (Galaxy Z Flip4 ) F721U1

Samsung (Galaxy A23 5G) S236DL

Samsung (Galaxy S22 Ultra) S908U1

Samsung (Galaxy S22+ 5G) S906U1

Samsung (Galaxy A53 5G) S536DL

Samsung (Galaxy S22 5G) S901U1

Samsung (Galaxy A13 5G) S136DL

Samsung (Galaxy A03s) S134DL

Samsung (Galaxy Z Fold3 5G) F926U1

Samsung (Galaxy Z Flip3 5G) F711U1

Samsung (Galaxy A42 5G) S426DL

Samsung (Galaxy A02s) S124DL

Samsung (Galaxy A12) S127DL

Samsung (Galaxy A32 5G) S326DL

Samsung (Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G) G998U1

Samsung (Galaxy S21+ 5G) G996U1

Samsung (Galaxy S21 5G) G991U1

Samsung (Galaxy S20 FE 5G) G781U1

Samsung (Galaxy S10 Lite) G770U1

Samsung (Galaxy Note 20 5G) N981U1

Samsung (Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G) N986U1

Samsung (A21) S215DL

Samsung (A11) S115DL

Samsung (A51) S515DL

Samsung (Galaxy A01) S111DL

Samsung (Galaxy S20 5G) G981U1

Samsung (Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G) G988U1

Samsung (Galaxy S20+ 5G) G986U1

Samsung (Galaxy Note10+) N975U1

Samsung (Galaxy Note10) N970U1

Samsung (Galaxy A50) S506DL

Samsung (Galaxy A20) S205DL

Samsung (Galaxy A10e) S102DL

Samsung (Galaxy S10+) G975U1

Samsung (Galaxy S10e) G970U1

Samsung (Galaxy S10) G973U1

Samsung (Galaxy J2) S260DL

Samsung (Galaxy Note9) N960U1

Samsung (Galaxy J3 Orbit) S367VL

Samsung (Galaxy J7 Crown) S767VL

Samsung (Galaxy S9+) G965U1

Samsung (Galaxy S9) G960U1

Samsung (Galaxy Note8) N950U1

Samsung (Galaxy S8+) G955U

Samsung (Galaxy S8) G950U

Samsung (Galaxy J7 Sky Pro) S727VL

Samsung (Galaxy J3 Luna Pro) S327VL

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