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Motorola (Moto g 5G - 2024) XT2417D

Motorola (Moto g stylus 5g 2024) XT2419V

Motorola (Moto g Power 2024) XT2415V

Motorola (Moto g Play 2024) XT2413V

Motorola (Moto g Stylus 2023) XT2317DL

Motorola (Moto g Power 2023) XT2311DL

Motorola (Moto g Play 2023) XT2271DL

Motorola (moto g 5G - 2022) XT2213DL

Motorola (moto g stylus 5G - 2022) XT2215DL

Motorola (Moto g stylus) XT2211DL

Motorola (Moto g Power) XT2165DL

Motorola (Moto g pure) XT2163DL

Motorola (Moto g Stylus 5g) XT2131DL

Motorola (Moto e6 - 32GB) XT2005D32

Motorola (Moto g Play) XT2093DL

Motorola (Moto g Stylus) XT2115DL

Motorola (Moto e) XT2052DL

Motorola (Moto G Power) XT2041DL

Motorola (Moto e6) XT2005DL

Motorola (Moto G7 Power) XT1955DL

Motorola (Moto G7 Optimo) XT1952DL

Motorola (Moto e5) XT1920DL

Motorola (Moto G6) XT1925DL

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